Επειδή όλο εκπομπές-εκπομπές έχει καταντήσει μονότονο, αναδημοσιεύω από την κυπριακή εφημερίδα «Ένωσις» την αγγλική της στήλη, έτσι για να
1. συνεισφέρω στον προβληματισμό για το Κυπριακό,
2. χαιρετίσω την υποστήριξη του «αριστερού» και προ παντός «πατριώτη» Καρατζαφέρη στον Χριστόφια
3. «εξάρω» την εγγλέζικη παρέμβαση γενικά (βλ. ΝΑΤΟ – Γεωργία κλπ) καθώς και να
4. ενισ-χύσω την παγκοσμιοποίηση.

Πριν ξεκινήσετε την ανάγνωση να απομακρύνετε παρακαλώ τις θεούσες…

Dear fucking slimy English reading fucking public of ENOSIS and may your blood become avlagin newspaper, may the lallaros of Lefkosia make your brains watery and your balls shrink to fucking aphanism. You are now probably laughing your fucking heads off because the fuck that is called Christofias went to see the other fuckingfuckedfuck that is called Brown, and together fucked Cyprus from all the holes that she has open this time of the year. Fucking Brown never had it so good from an ex colonial. It seemed on television when I saw both of them that Christofias did nothing else in Downing fucking Street than give Brown continuous antiimperialistic blow jobs which also explains the reason why Christofias’s cheeks were blown up to bleeding distortion. The fucking two leaders met, and little or a lot told us that the Anglocypriot relationship is a long standing love affair, and that nobody can come between us because profanos the fucking English are fucking us continuously and are coming inside us and thus stopping all others in ekspermatosis in our fucking sothics. Who would have thought that we would have reached this kilikk as to concider our worst enemies our beloved benefakkinfactors. That fucking Tsioupras, the fucking AKELic nonentity, even made a pass to Christofias so that he can tell us how good the English government is. Christofias was so obviously pro-British that at one point he was so embarrased that he mentioned with his sickening smile that they discussed the Bases as well but quickly mentioned that they talked about the status of the Bases after 1960. The cleveridiot Christofias thought that he can fool us with his antifuckingphatic rhetoric. He accepts the sovereignty of the Bases and then he plays the ringo. Millet, the archenglish transvestite on the island was so happy that even his ears are laughing. No sooner the Turks made a little complaint about the infamous bilateral agreement he soothed the ears of the Turks with the most embarrassing announcement for us expaining to them that nothing has changed between them and that the Cyprobritanic mnemonion is something that the English wipe their stinging bums on. Fucking English have it in mind. You can play games with your collaborators the fucking AKELic yousoufakia, you can even boost the image and cheek of blow job Christofias, but you can’t make any Greek trust you. Sorry, but I smell smoke around the corner.


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Ειδικεύομαι στις εμπρηστικές παρεμβάσεις. Μετά από χρόνια blogging (Δεκέμβρης 2004) και κανά 5άρι διαφορετικές persones ψιλοβαριέμαι. Πιστεύω στην αρχή της εντροπίας και περιμένω (δεν εύχομαι...) την ολοκληρωτική κατάρευση για να ελπίσω σε αναγέννηση. Τα μεγάλα είναι θέμα επιλογής. Στα μικρά μας σέρνουν οι περιστάσεις και τα συμφραζόμενα... Δείτε όλα τα άρθρα του/της Λαυρέντης


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